Personal training

For the best results, everyone always needs someone who stimulates, directs, corrects, guides and helps where necessary.

Ewoud van Dulken has a method for everything. He tells you what is needed and guides you through it. After many successful results, there is now the chance to experience it. It is possible to train in small groups of up to 4 and achieve the objectives. It is also an option to opt for 1: 1 training sessions that are specially put together for you. Ewoud includes a piece of nutrition in the schedules so that you get all the benefits out of the training sessions. Whether the goal is running or simply being stronger and more vital is not important for Ewoud. Something for everyone! If you think that only young people choose this, then you are wrong! Even when you are 80 years old, you can still achieve results.
The various options or goals are:
- to achieve goals
- to restore injury power
- to develop overall fitness
- to function functionally
- to attend training group lessons

The training sessions take place in a confined space.

Ondernemingsweg 54h
1422DZ Uithoorn

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