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Ewoud van Dulken

Born in Amsterdam and raised in Amstelveen.
After swimming, gymnastics, football and diving you end up at the sport Judo. I started judo at age 10 and became a judo in a small 6-year black belt.

During my own judo lessons I started to assist in order to help the fellow students and my teacher Cees Buenting jr. It was a lot of fun and I started to specialize at secondary vocational education at the CIOS in Haarlem. During the super training I became 2nd and 3rd dan (black belt) and also got my teaching responsibilities (Judoleraar A and B).

In the meantime, through training and motivation, I have been testing judo culture in many countries such as Japan, South Africa, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. It felt like a real honor and that has also made me think.

Jay van Andel

Already 15 years of experience as a judoka with Ewoud van Dulken as a teacher.
I started playing judo at an early age, I was five years old. We did this in the local gym where we also had our gym lessons with the school.

Besides swimming, judo was my first experience with sports. At the age of eight I started playing tennis in addition to judo. In this I was driven by the profit parties. It soon turned out that I was stuck in winning every game I played. I often won prizes in both judo competitions and tennis competitions. To get to the top I have to make a choice, judo or tennis. I chose tennis at the highest level and not without success.

In the meantime the sport continued to gnaw judo, sometimes I just went to have a look at the lesson or occasionally participated. I just couldn't let it go.

During my studies at the CIOS I had the opportunity to do an internship at the judo school. It sucked me all up again which led to weekly training and giving my own lessons.

I can't quit judo, it's just there.

Motivation of Sensei Ewoud

Through all these experiences you learn to know judo in various ways. You will learn the mental powers of the foreign judoka's, but also when you do not have much to spend or nothing at all, that you can be motivated by the drive to be able to practice your passion for judo.

Developing and transforming mental forces into rest and perseverance gives me the strength to continue with the things I like to do.

The things I do it for are: recognition, result of training and commitment, helping people, sharing my experiences and giving people the courage and strength to join forces so that that individual can continue with his or her wishes and wishes. dream and not letting your head hang and take everything for granted.

Judo, Physiotherapy & Fitness

During my study I also started developing in the fitness industry. I started my internships at large gyms and institutions where I could combine Judo and Fitness. In my holidays I could assist as a supervisor in the fitness. I took advantage of this with both hands and eventually ended up in the largest physiotherapy practice in the area.

There I came into contact with the combination between physiotherapy and fitness. I really like that so far, because I get my satisfaction from the performance of my training and schedules. I have been working there for 10 years now and have not yet looked forward to it. I see so much variation in objectives that I can really jump in and enjoy. I work with general complaints, sports injuries, COPD, heart failure and heart complaints, citophys, neurological complaints, diabetes, obesity, athletes and healthy people.

After 10 years of teaching judo I decided to take the step to start for myself in combination with my current activities as an instructor.

Strong, Persevering, Balanced, Patient and Fanatical!