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Youth judo

Extremely suitable for young children from 3 years and very good for the right development!

The children of today can't ignore it; computers, telephones, tablets, social media and violence. Before you know it they are already involved. They see and hear everything, often the things that you do not want. That relates to the development. They learn very quickly at an early age and absorb everything they see. That is why it is so important that the "basis" is good.

It is often the case that children develop less well in practice when they regularly play indoors, not far from their beloved games computer, their parents' phone, the tablet with lots of games. You often hear parents say 'you do not have a child'.

They just do not think that the motor development is very important for a child at a young age. Children grow and learn at an early age, they grow inches in a year, learn to cycle and walk.

Why not give them discipline, norms, values, rules and judo in this important development period?

During the Youth Judo classes

  • They learn to fall, roll, crawl, stand up, respect, norms and values, win, lose, rules and the basis of judo;
  • They learn how to bundle their strengths correctly (to use their weaknesses and strengths) to control the other;
  • They build up selfconfidence; 
  • They learn to steer another by small handy tricks;
  • They develop strength and motor skills;
  • They learn to win and lose;
  • They learn to fall in the right way so that when they fall outside the judo, they can get away from it unscathed;
  • They also receive lessons in: respect for everyone else;
  • Besides all this grat stuffthey also learn the judo game;

Judo is not a martial art, judo is one of the most physically demanding sports there is and everything revolves around control, safety and balance.

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